Mamallapuram is the tourist place which grabs the number of tourists towards them. Hotel Taj Kazura – Hotels in ECR Chennai provides you the room and food facilities near Mamallapuram in safe and luxurious manner. We list you some tourist spots in Mamallapuram to spend your holidays peacefully.

1.Sculpture Museum

Sculpture Museum is located on East Raja Street of Mamallapuram. It has a number of sculptures in wood, stone and few more. The entrance fee for this museum is Rs.2.

2.Five Rathas

Five Rathas is also known as Pancha Pandava Rathas. This is literally known as Chariots of the 7th century. The sculpture in these Rathas indicates different dynasties and their animals, gods, and culture.  You can visit this place also by staying near Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur.


This temple was built by Pallava Kings for Lord Vishnu. This temple was constructed in order to prevent sculptures from sea shore damages. It has beautiful monuments and descriptions of Pallava Kingdom.