“East coast road” The riders pride:

East coast road was named as it lies on the coast of the bay of Bengal. It extends from Chennai to Cuddalore running through Pondicherry which is a Union territory. As east coast road is located at the coast of Bay of Bengal you can feel the sea through the road. The breeze that blows every time neglects the heat of the sun and makes that place pleasant every time. The roads are well constructed there and most of the bikers love to take a ride in the evening to enjoy the good view of the sea and a nice breeze coming across. People from Pondicherry also love to travel to Chennai through this road. Usually, ECR is known for its party nature and the number of places that you can explore for vacation. There are many Hotels in ECR where you can take a good rest and have a good time there. If you like to take a good early morning ride you can find Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur where you can spend your night and have a good ride the next morning.

Taj Kazura is also one of the hotels in ECR road which provides good accommodation at a reasonable price.