ECR, the best place to take a long drive

In modern world, people started to live a luxurious life and they spend a happy moments in maximum time. They love to explore many things and new places, to do this they travel to many places in Chennai. Many people gets happy moments by going a long ride with their friends, as ECR is a best and apt place to go for a long ride, they can also visit many places on the way they go. As ECR is a very long place located in the coastal area in Tamil Nadu, people have more chances to explore many different places as well.

People who do a long drive, stops at some point as they gets tired or they find a adventures places to see, so for that they might need a place to stop to respite, so there are many a Hotels in ECR Chennai like Taj Kazura to accommodate them. These hotels provide a great relaxation to the travellers & visitors by giving many services. People who love to go for a long drive can take a trip to ECR as it is located in the east coastal region from Chennai and passes through Cuddalore & Pondicherry and extends till Thoothukudi, so between these distance, there are innumerable Hotels in ECR where a travelers can log in and enjoy the beach view and rest.


Hotel Taj Kazura – one of the best Hotels near Tidel Park Chennai has many nearby places for tourist attractions. We have luxurious rooms with hygienic restaurant and wide parking facility. We also give you guidelines about nearby places to visit from Taj Kazura.

1.Tidel Park

Tidel Park is the place which is filled with IT companies for future of many youngsters. It is located very nearby to our Taj Kazura.

2.VGP Golden Beach

The VGP Universal Kingdom is the best place to visit during vacations for kids. Due to its variety of games, it attracts many tourists towards them.

3.Mayajaal Multiplex

Mayajaal is the first and very famous tourist spot in ECR. Mayajaal is located nearer to many Hotels in ECR Road which provides full entertainment and makes you relax during weekends.


Apart from this, there are many tourist places nearer to Taj Kazura where you can feel very comfortable and happy.


Mamallapuram is the tourist place which grabs the number of tourists towards them. Hotel Taj Kazura – Hotels in ECR Chennai provides you the room and food facilities near Mamallapuram in safe and luxurious manner. We list you some tourist spots in Mamallapuram to spend your holidays peacefully.

1.Sculpture Museum

Sculpture Museum is located on East Raja Street of Mamallapuram. It has a number of sculptures in wood, stone and few more. The entrance fee for this museum is Rs.2.

2.Five Rathas

Five Rathas is also known as Pancha Pandava Rathas. This is literally known as Chariots of the 7th century. The sculpture in these Rathas indicates different dynasties and their animals, gods, and culture.  You can visit this place also by staying near Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur.


This temple was built by Pallava Kings for Lord Vishnu. This temple was constructed in order to prevent sculptures from sea shore damages. It has beautiful monuments and descriptions of Pallava Kingdom.


East Coast Road – ECR starts from Adayar in Chennai city stretches along the side of the Bay of Bengal and ends at the south tip of Tamil Nadu. Due to its scenic beauty, ECR has a number of visitors during weekends. There are many Hotels in ECR Road to give amenities to visitors. Here are some best places to visit in ECR during weekends.

  1. Cholamandalam Artist’s Village

This is the village which is filled by the artist. Those who have a keen interest in art and culture, then it will be an interesting place to them. Plan a schedule to spend more time peacefully at Cholamandalam Artist’s Village.

  1. Covelong Beach

Covelong Beach is located along the ECR road. Many Scenic beauties, fresh fishes, Sunlight photographs make your stay at Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur. This is preferred by many tourists to spend their time peacefully.

  1. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is the historic place where we have an opportunity to know more about the sculptures of Pallava Kingdom. Caves and Sculptures make you know about our past. Staying comfort at Hotels in ECR and we can enjoy our vacations.


Hotel Taj Kazura

ECR- East Coast Road is the heaven for business persons and family members who will spend a weekend with tension free mind. Long stretched roads covered by the Bay of Bengal with scenic beauties of nature provide you the peaceful mind. There are a lot of tourists places will attract when you are along that long stretched road. There are well-sophisticated Hotels in ECR Road which will make you spend a weekend happily. Some of the tourist attractions in ECR are:

  1. Muttukadu Boat House

Muttukadu Boat House was started in 1984 as a water sports facility. It is located 36 Km from Chennai city and has 15-row boats, 9 pedal boats, and 27-speedboats. The area surroundings of this boathouse have multi-cuisine restaurants. You can enjoy water skiing, windsurfing, speedboat riding and rowing in this boathouse.

  1. Tiger Cave

Tiger Cave is located 5 Kms from Mahabalipuram. This place covers the historical rocks which are in tiger shape and tells you about the manuscripts of Pallavas. A lot of Hotels in ECR will give you accommodation and guide you to tourist places.

  1. MGM Dizzee World

MGM Dizzee world is an amazing theme park located in Muttukadu with water world and some special seasonal shows. You can stay at Hotels Near Thiruvanmiyur and enjoy with your family at Dizzee world.

  1. Dolphin City

Dolphin City is another amusement park which is also located along East Coast Road, Chennai. This theme park provides you amazing water games with parking and food facilities at an affordable price.

  1. Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram is the world heritage site which shows you about the cultures of Dravidian culture, Pallava dynasty, and amazing architectures. This located on the East Coast Road which is the best place to spend your weekend with your family.

  1. Marundeeswarar Temple

Marundeeswarar temple is an ancient temple which is located at 4kms from Adayar. This temple is situated at the beginning of ECR.


Apart from these, there are more places in and around ECR to spend a happy time with your family. You can stay for two days and enjoy your weekend at Hotels in ECR Chennai with a safe and luxurious room. Have a safe and happy journey!