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The best places around ECR

VGP golden beach and Theme park which is one the first theme park that was started near Chennai. Exactly it is built in Injambakkam which is a favorite theme park for many. Recently it was renovated and many new things were added so it could be the right place to have a good weekend. If you are far away from Chennai you can book Hotels near tidel park Chennai and can visit VGP easily.

Dakshin Chitra a very old museum which was built in remembrance to the sculptures of all four states from south Indian. It is located exactly at Muttukadu. Many people from other states will love to visit this museum and for your accommodation, you can look for Hotels in ECR so that it won’t take much time for you visiting the museum. A rare sight you can see in Tamil Nadu is surfing which means more likely a skating along the waves of a sea and there is a Surfing school in Chennai where you can try the art of surfing which will be an exciting experience for many people.

Hotel Taj kazura is one of the best Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur where you can stay and explore the beauty of the east coast road with comfort and ease.

“East coast road” The riders pride:

East coast road was named as it lies on the coast of the bay of Bengal. It extends from Chennai to Cuddalore running through Pondicherry which is a Union territory. As east coast road is located at the coast of Bay of Bengal you can feel the sea through the road. The breeze that blows every time neglects the heat of the sun and makes that place pleasant every time. The roads are well constructed there and most of the bikers love to take a ride in the evening to enjoy the good view of the sea and a nice breeze coming across. People from Pondicherry also love to travel to Chennai through this road. Usually, ECR is known for its party nature and the number of places that you can explore for vacation. There are many Hotels in ECR where you can take a good rest and have a good time there. If you like to take a good early morning ride you can find Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur where you can spend your night and have a good ride the next morning.

Taj Kazura is also one of the hotels in ECR road which provides good accommodation at a reasonable price.

ECR, the best place to take a long drive

In modern world, people started to live a luxurious life and they spend a happy moments in maximum time. They love to explore many things and new places, to do this they travel to many places in Chennai. Many people gets happy moments by going a long ride with their friends, as ECR is a best and apt place to go for a long ride, they can also visit many places on the way they go. As ECR is a very long place located in the coastal area in Tamil Nadu, people have more chances to explore many different places as well.

People who do a long drive, stops at some point as they gets tired or they find a adventures places to see, so for that they might need a place to stop to respite, so there are many a Hotels in ECR Chennai like Taj Kazura to accommodate them. These hotels provide a great relaxation to the travellers & visitors by giving many services. People who love to go for a long drive can take a trip to ECR as it is located in the east coastal region from Chennai and passes through Cuddalore & Pondicherry and extends till Thoothukudi, so between these distance, there are innumerable Hotels in ECR where a travelers can log in and enjoy the beach view and rest.

Hotels near Tidel Park, Chennai

ECR is hedged by a tourist spots & many corporates, both visitors & professional people search a good hotel to stay & spend time with soul mate & families. Tourists & professional people who plan to reserve rooms in hotel & visit ECR should see for essential facilities in hotels. We, Taj Kazura come out with few basic facilities which to be offered by Hotels near Tidel Park Chennai.

Many professionals will be booked a room for official purpose, so for them, if a PC & internet is arranged in their lobby, then they can work easily. As the Hotels in ECR Chennai will be located near to the corporate companies, if there is Training Congress Center in hotels, then more chances to arrange for a team meeting, training & seminar. There might be international clients who would’ve accommodated in hotels, so they might need a transportation service, so if the same hotel where they stays arrange that facility, then guests will not have any last minute confusions in their schedule. Hotels should offer an Ironing board or Ironing service to guests, so management should make arrangement on this.

Services offered by Hotels in ECR Chennai

East Coast Road’s in Chennai locations are famous place to people in Chennai. ECR has places to visit like Muttukadu boat house, Tiger cave & Mahabalipuram etc. noticeably these places have become sightseeing places. People in Chennai & around areas visit ECR often with their buddies & soul mate to loosen them from work tense, so there are prospect to develop many profession in ECR.

As ECR is a sightseeing place, people look for a prime hotel to stop-off & spend time with companion & friends. People who plan to stay in hotels & visit ECR should study the facilities accessible in hotels. We, Hotel Taj Kazura, are one of the best Hotels in ECR Chennai who provides some of the facilities like Reception desk available 24 hours a day , Fire alarm, Deduction, Free Parking, Free Wi-Fi, Wheelchair access, House Keeping, Laundry service, Additional Beds,.

The above mentioned are the common facilities offered in Hotels near Tidel Park Chennai to make the customers joyful. Giving a house keeping service and laundry service will make the customers to feel comfortable to stay in rooms. Reception desk and fire alarm system will give a hope to guests to feel safe in hotels, so choose good & economical Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur like Hotel Taj Kazura if you’re planning a vacation with family & friends.

Looking for Hotels in ECR?

Hotels in ECR will provide a great facility to its visitors to stay & spend time with their loved ones. ECR is located in coastal region, so it is very well-liked place for the tourists. Apart from tourist spots, there are many MNC companies started to enlarge, many already established. Many companies will have weekend parties in Hotels in ECR and many people come to ECR celebrate their weekend along with friends & families, so, ECR is a foremost place to both business and family people to accord in weekends.

Taj Kazura lend a numerous facilities to our guests in order to make to feel them comfortable and pleased by offering services like complimentary breakfast, room service, Wi-Fi, 24/7 power back up & hot/cold water, newspaper etc. Taj Kazura, one of the Hotels near Thiruvanmiyur, whose main goal is to make guests to feel happy and earn an honor from them. We are a professional in handling the visitors in an immersive way and never allow them to chagrin in service or compromise our self in helping our clients.

Facilities offered by Hotels in ECR

Hotels in ECR like Taj Kazura will provide great facilities to its customers to stay and enjoy the time with their beloved ones. ECR is located in coastal region of Tamil Nadu, so it is very popular place for the tourists. Apart from tourist spots, there are many corporate companies started to grow and many already established. These companies will have their weekend parties in Hotels in ECR and even people come to celebrate their weekend with families, so, ECR is a best place to both business professionals and family people to be peace in weekends.

We, Taj Kazura provide a numerous facilities to our customers in order to make them comfortable and happy by providing services like complimentary breakfast, free room service, free Wi-Fi, 24/7 power back up & hot/cold water, newspaper etc. Taj Kazura, one of the Hotels near Tidel Park Chennai, whose main aim to make customers to feel happy and earn a respect from them. We’re professionals in handling the clients in a great way and never disappoint them in service or compromise our self in serving our clients.

Hotels in ECR with Best Amenities

Hotel Taj Kazura

Place where you can find more tourists spots in Chennai is ECR. As it is known as tourist spots, obviously you can see many Hotels in ECR like Taj Kazura with best amenities for the guests to stay with. Though it is not so far from Chennai, people takes a chance to travel to ECR from in & around of Chennai in their vehicles to visits the places like Tiger Cave, Mahabalipuram, Muttukadu Boat House & temples. People not only visit these places but also want to stay in hotels nearby in ECR to takes rest with their families and friends.

Taj Kazura, one of the best Hotels in ECR Road with customer satisfaction is our goal, hence we will fulfill the needs of guests who stay in it by providing the basic amenities like complimentary Wi-Fi, Lift service, parking, LCD TV, hair dryer, Newspaper, 24 hours supply of Hot Water, room service, power back up etc. and also we give good offers in terms of discounts if the rooms are booked in advance, for party needs, long stay guests, honey moon couples, business meeting and bulk bookings & also CCTV coverage is available. You’ll definitely feel the best service given by us.

Amenities offered by Hotels in ECR

Hotel Taj Kazura

ECR is a place where you can find more resorts and hotels like Hotel Taj Kazura to stay and enjoy with families & friends. As ECR is located closely to coastal region, there are more places to visit like Mahabalipuram, boat house, tiger cave and many fishing villages where you can buy a fresh fishes. Apart from this, there are many MNC companies located in ECR, so there will be a chance for professionals to have meetings in Hotels in ECR Chennai and to people who come for a vacation, this place will be a great to spend their time peacefully.

As ECR have already become a favorite spot to people in & around Chennai, Hotels in ECR Road like Hotel Taj Kazura started to offer many deals and facilities to attract them. We, Hotel Taj Kazura will be offering a discounts in bulk room bookings, booking rooms in advance, for party needs and will also provide a basic amenities like free room service, Wi-Fi, 24/7 power back-up, 24/7 hot & cold water supply, housekeeping etc. These services by hotels attract the people to come and stay there to have a good time with their families.

Why people like to visit East Coast Road?

The splendid East Coast Road runs along the coast of Bay of Bengal that links the Chennai city to the magnificent beaches of Pondicherry. ECR is one of the famous destinations in Chennai where it provides the people with a plethora of hotels near Tidel Park Chennai, educational institutions, hospitals, supermarkets and much more.

It provides the very good opportunity to see the stunning oceanic view and also offer the chance to see the spectacular sunrise along with crisp sea breeze. Most people from Chennai would travel to ECR for pleasure with their family and friends and visit all the places in and around East Coast Road.

Taj Kazura, one of the Best Hotels in ECR, accommodate you with various facilities and amenities and also provide travel assistance to all famous and important tourist spots and also allow you to pamper your mind, body, and soul.