Thinking about Chennai what comes to mind for most of us is Marina beach. It is speculated that it is the second longest beach in the world. Marina beach is the most attractive tourist destination for tourists who are visiting Chennai and also it is the favorite place for chennaites to spend their weekends peacefully without any worries. This beach not only acts as a tourist destination but also lively hood for many locals who depend on this beach for their daily income.

Both the MGR memorial and the C N Annadurai memorials lie in the marina beach. This is also one the main reason people visit marina beach. It is also one of the favorite destinations to go for a walk in the morning you can see many people walking in the beach. Marina beach has a great Flora and Fauna; it is a place where olive ridley sea turtles lay their eggs for hatching. But nowadays the beach is getting polluted by the people who are throwing plastics and wastes on the beach without any responsibility.

Freshly cooked fishes are the favorites for the tourists who are visiting marina beach. There are many fish stalls in here where you can taste different varieties of fishes. One cannot fully experience Chennai in one day so booking a hotel will be helpful. If you are looking for hotels then Hotels in ECR Road is the ideal place for you to get best hotels at a low price.